New meme: “WANTED” meme demands CEOs of evil tech giants answer for their crimes against humanity

A new meme has been posted by Online Civil Rights, the non-profit human rights project of the CWC.

The meme, which may be copied and shared everywhere, demands that the CEOs of the evil tech giants answer for “unleashing a real-world Orwellian nightmare” by depriving human beings the right to participate in the dominant speech platforms of modern society.

Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook and other tech giants are all run by evil villains who exploit their power to enslave humanity and selectively silence their political enemies or business competitors. They are all engaged in racketeering and fraud, in clear violation of the RICO Act and a multitude of U.S. anti-trust laws.

It’s time to prosecute these evil villains, seize their domain names and dismantle their operations. “Instead of retreating into nothingness or depression, it’s time we all fought back. It is time that we scream and shout,” demands The Gateway Pundit. “Our fundamental rights as Americans are wasting away as the Republicans in DC sit around and do nothing. As our President sits around and tweets about how horrible it is. When are more people going to take meaningful action?”

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