Why are mainstream media outlets trying to censor video footage of New Zealand gun massacre?

There’s a raging battle going on to scrub all video footage of the New Zealand mass shooting from the web, and leading the charge are the usual social media suspects: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the like. But why, exactly, don’t these platforms want people to see the actual evidence of what supposedly occurred down under at the two Muslim mosques where 49 worshipers are said to have been murdered in cold blood?

It would seem as though mainstream media outlets want the public to simply believe some written narrative without being allowed to actually see and interpret, with their own eyes, the event itself as it allegedly took place – the apparent intent being to control what the public believes, regardless of whether or not it’s true.

According to CNN Business, as relayed by Zero Hedge, Big Tech is currently engaged in a “struggle to deal with (the) New Zealand shooting video.” What this language actually means is that the major media platforms really don’t want people to see the video in question, and are actively trying to suppress the truth about what really took place behind all the media propaganda.

“‘Deal with’ is code for ‘censor on demand by governments and activist organizations who oppose public access to information that hasn’t first been thoroughly vetted for conformity to their preferred narrative,'” explains Zero Hedge.

“I suspect that many of us who did (I viewed what appeared to be a partial copy before YouTube deleted it) would rather we could un-see it … But whether or not we watch it should be up to us, not those governments and activists. Social media companies should enable our choices, not suppress our choices at the censors’ every whim.”


New Zealand video footage appears video game-like – is this what the censors are trying to conceal from the public?

In the above video footage, which we were able to archive on Brighteon servers to prevent it from being scrubbed, you’ll notice that the first-person shooter angle more closely resembles a video game, as opposed to a real-life shooting. In one scene, you can even see bodies of the victims piled up before the shooter even fires his weapon.

Perhaps this is the reason why the mainstream media is trying to censor the footage – because it blows some major holes in the official narrative. And the official narrative, as many people are now realizing, is being used once again to target free speech, in this case people who might try to criticize mass Islamic migration in to white countries like New Zealand and Australia.

“In Australia / New Zealand the social mob lynchings of anybody who previously spoke about concerns over Islam / mass migration has begun,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter about this very issue. “There is an outpouring of hate right now against anyone who raise[s] a problem with mass migration at all. That view is now radioactive, toxic and cannot be held in public.”

“Nobody can now critici[z]e Islam in any way in Australia / N.Z. because this horrific attack has given true victim status to Muslims. Anyone who critici[z]es Islam in any way in Australia / N.Z. now will have eggs thrown at them, will lose their job, their friends, be isolated because this attack has publicly confirmed to everyone that Muslims are the victims of terrible prejudice in the West.”

In other words, what we appear to once again have on our hands is a calculated false flag attack (i.e. real violence, but a false narrative) with the intent of ratcheting up police state control over what people say and do.

“So now you see that violence was never the solution to the actual problems in fact it has made them worse. Now we will really be crushed with the full force of the authoritarian state, and the outsourced mob vengeance.”

For more news about mainstream media censorship of the truth, be sure to check out Banned.news.

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